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Thank you, America!!
10:58 CNN projects that Barack Obama will win Virginia.
CNN projects that Barack Obama will win Iowa, and John McCain will win Kansas, and Utah.
9:34 CNN projects that Barack Obama will win Ohio
10:24 CNN projects that John McCain will win Mississippi.
9:12 CNN predicts John McCain will win Georgia
9:00 CNN predicts that Barack Obama will win- Rhode Island, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and New York CNN also predicts that John McCain will win- Wyoming, and North Dakota.
8:40 CNN predicts Barack Obama will win Pennsylvania.
9:48 CNN predicts that Barack Obama will win New Mexico, and that John McCain will win Louisiana.
10:21 CNN projects that John McCain will win Texas
10:11 CNN predicts that John McCain will win Arkansas.
9:23 CNN projects that John McCain will win West Virginia.
8:58 CNN predicts that John McCain will win Alabama
8:29 CNN predicts that Barack Obama will win New Hampshire

Obama ahead at 8:08

Obama is ahead in electoral votes 77-34.
8:00 Obama projected to win- Connecticut, Mass, New Jersey, Maine, Delaware, DC, and Maryland McCain projected to win- Oklahoma and Tennessee
7:56 CNN projects McCain will win South Carolina
At 7:00 CNN projected that Barack Obama will win Vermont. At 7:04 CNN projected that John McCain will win Kentucky.


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What's the deal with Palin?

Test case number 1. Sarah Palin is a self-described "hockey mom" who has been governor of the 4th least populated state, Alaska, for 1.5 years. Before that, she was the mayor of a town with less than 10,000 people. She has no foreign policy experience whatsoever, and is against abortion even in the case of rape or incest. She thinks that creationism should be taught in schools and that global warming is not caused by humans. She was merely picked so that John McCain would win over more womens' votes by running with a woman. In truth, many women are offended that he thought he could win over their votes by simply choosing a woman (whom, by the way, he had only met once before). Many Alaskans also think she is gloriously underqualified to be the next VP (and possibly P, if melanoma has a say). Not to mention she has been involved in 2 scandals: Troopergate where she fired a state official who failed to fire a state trooper who was locked in a custody battle with her sister, and one that may come to be named Travelgate. Apparently Palin charged the state of Alaska with the bills of her kids' airplane flights and hotel rooms, totaling more than $20,000 overall. But does any of this matter? It seems to me that there are 2 kinds of people: those strongly opposed to Palin, and those strongly in favor of her. As these ugly truths and new scandals surface, it is likely that they would not sway people on either side, but rather only people in the middle. How many of those I am not sure, but it is probably not many. And I know that most of this is old news, but I can't stress enough how underqualified, misinformed, underhanded, and "post-turtle-y" she is! How she got here we may never know, but we do know that if America chooses right in November, she will be headed straight back to the Seward's Oil-Rich Folly!


Kids Vote

It's official. At least for the kids! The Scholastic Presidential Election Poll results are in: Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama won with 57 percent of the vote, to 39 percent for Republican nominee Senator John McCain. The poll was open to kids from grades 1 to 12 in Scholastic News and Junior Scholastic magazines. Almost 250,000 (a quarter of a million) kids voted by paper ballot or online at www.scholastic.com/news. The poll closed on October 10. Since 1940, the results of the student vote have mirrored the outcome of the general election all but twice: In 1948, kids voted for Thomas E. Dewey over Harry S. Truman. In 1960, more students voted for Richard M. Nixon than for John F. Kennedy. In 2000, a majority of student voters chose George W. Bush, mirroring the Electoral College result, but not the result of the popular vote. Courtesy of Michael Kink


Vote for Obama - The Movie


This is my video telling people to vote for Obama! And the reasons why they should. You wouldn't believe the nasty feedback I've gotten from this.



A 75-year-old Texas rancher recently explained this term to a country doctor. The conversation turned to the US election, and Sarah Palin's vice-presidential candidacy, and the old rancher observed: "Well, ya know, Palin is a post-turtle." The bemused doctor asked what a post-turtle was, and the old man replied: "When you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a post-turtle." The rancher continued: "You know she didn't get up there by herself, she doesn't belong up there, she doesn't know what to do while she is up there, and you just wonder what kind of dumb jerk put her up there to begin with."


October - Rays, Red Sox, Phillies, and Dodgers

October is once again upon us, and that means two things: First, that one presidential candidate will become increasingly desperate and begin employing various dirty tactics to try and make up lost ground, and second, that the MLB playoffs are in full swing. Although the former is an intriguing topic, now I want to talk about the latter. The regular season ended with a bang, with the New York Mets missing the playoffs on the last day (for the second straight year) and the Minnesota Twins forcing a one-game playoff with the Chicago White Sox, who won. In NLDS action, the Los Angeles Dodgers swept the Chicago Cubs, who were looking for their first World Series title in 100 years. And the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Milwaukee Brewers in four games. As for the ALDS, the Boston Red Sox (represent!) beat the league's best team, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, in four games. Also, the upstart, come-out-of-nowhere Tampa Bay Rays won over the White Sox. The Rays went from being the league's worst team in 2007 to the third-best in 2008. The Red Sox will now play the Rays in the ALCS and the Phillies and the Dodgers, led by 500-homer man Manny Ramirez, will face off in the NLCS. It's hard not to go for the Rays to win it all. After being created a little over ten years ago, to never having won more than 70 games a season and never finishing better than last in AL East, to now becoming the team to beat and possibly the most formiddible in the entire MLB, they are quite a story. They finished the season with 97 wins and champions of the AL East, beating out such teams as the Red Sox and the New York Yankees. And I have to say, speaking as a die-hard Red Sox fan, as much as I want the Sox to win the World Series, I would not be too sad if the Rays win instead. And in the words of Dane Cook, "There's only one October!"



I would just like to ask if any of our readers have noticed that in every one of the debates so far the McCain-Palin campaign has repeatedly mentioned our "Giving up" or "Surrendering" in Iraq. I would just like to mention that this is one of the most dense things they have said to date. We are currently "occupying" the sovereign state of Iraq; and it is impossible to lose an occupation. This is just one example of how the McCain-Palin campaign continues to say things that are simply not true, so they can sound more "patriotic" than senator Obama, and senator Biden If any of our readers disagree with me about the ridiculousness of the McCain-Palin campaigns obtuse remarks—please educate me on this subject.


Call to Readers

This is a call to all of our readers to watch the Vice Presidential debate on Thursday. Oh, and while your watching think about who you want to be one heart beat (or one heart attack) away from the presidency. Because, maybe its just me, but I don't want to have a hockey mom as my president.